Who We Are

Modern Concrete Surfaces is a concrete flooring consulting company. Our experts help designers, owners, companies, and contractors with their resurfacing projects. We are able to specify the proper application procedure for your project and arrange multiple competitive bids. Concrete resurfacing is a fast growing industry that is very dynamic. Modern Concrete Surfaces Consulting will clear the smoke and mirrors and assure your doing the project right at the proper cost.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a simple and great Way to change the appearance of existing concrete. Modern Concrete Surfaces applies both interior and exterior concrete staining systems. The most important part of a stained concrete system is the sealer that protects the integrity of the stain. Modern Concrete Surfaces understands all the Sealers and stains available in California, and can help decide which sealer system is best for your stained concrete project.

Extensive Experience.

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